Monday, June 6, 2011     17:19

Fly casting tuition, fishing instruction and guiding on the rivers Usk, Wye, Irfon, Neath and more. One to one or group tuition for trout, sea trout and winter grayling.

Fly fishing for the beginner and progressive angler...

For the girls, the guys, the young, middle aged or seniors... it matters not. Fly fishing can be for everyone.
I'd be delighted if you would take the opportunity to join me and learn some of the necessary skills and techniques from a fully qualified AAPGAI fly-fishing & fly-casting instructor. Receiving good instruction at an early stage can benefit you immensely and go some way to help you avoid many of the common fly casting faults and frustrations experienced by so many fly fishers participating in this wonderful sport.

Stunning locations...

Based in South Wales, I have access to a variety of locations set amongst some beautiful countryside. Whether your desire is to fish for wild trout and winter grayling, or to catch fish to take home for the table. I'm able to accommodate your requirements on a selection of both rivers and lakes, venues of which will satisfy the requirements of the most adventurous of anglers, as well as those that would prefer to fish in more sedate and less challenging surroundings.